Columbia Sports Complex

The lights shine on the stands when there’s no game to play.

Outing Details:

Type run
Distance 2.7 mi
Duration 0:26:46
Avg Speed 6.05 mi/h


Cooper St

Sometimes, when nothing else captures my attention, I take a picture of the street.

Outing Details:

Type bike
Distance 11.5 mi
Duration 0:43:03
Avg Speed 16.0 mi/h


Salt Creek

I passed only one other jogger on my path to Salt Creek. He smiled and nodded.

Outing Details:

Type run
Distance 4.1 mi
Duration 0:33:54
Avg Speed 7.3 mi/h


Lincoln Morning

Carrying two coffees back from Meadowlark, all I could think about was not burning myself.

Outing Details:

Type walk
Distance 1.5 mi
Duration 0:27:53
Avg Speed 3.2 mi/h